Oldschool Metal Maniac - Magazine XV (English Version)

Oldschool Metal Maniac - Magazine XV (English Version)

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The one and only true OLDSCHOOL METAL MANIAC reigns eternally!!!

The brand new English-issue contains 154 pages (!!!) in A4 size, with tons of well detailed interviews (especially the Necromaniac Interview is veeeery interesting!) and also the first Nifelheim interview since forever...check out these bands, if you don't like them you are fukkin gay!!! All featured interviews of this issue:

-The Evil
-Metal Church
-Angel Witch
-Morbid (story!)
-Armored Saint
-Nifelheim (!)
-Force of Darkness
-Mekong Delta
-Frank Blackfire
-Demolition Hammer
and many more... + lots of great reviews and live-reports!

This issue also contains posters of:
-Sadistic Intent/Plaga
-Blapshemy/Grave Desecrator

So, print-media is dead huh?! Whoever says such a bullshit is a fukkin victim of crappy fukk!!!! The true Oldschool Metal Maniac proved the strength of an iron will and belief against a world of fast-moving technology and faceless worthless lives! With every new issue, the power of Oldschool Metal Maniac zine grows stronger and keeps the old banners high in pride and honour! Forget about all the shitty major-"music zines"! Real Metal Zines like the OSMM were done by real dedicated maniacs, who share the same attitude and dedicate all of their time to the old spirit of traditional Metal Wrath! Keep the old flames burning - Never stop the real madness, support true printed fanzines!

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