Blasphemous - The Book (Issue 1+2)

Blasphemous - The Book (Issue 1+2)

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Real Metal History!!! The true Blasphemous Mag of the early 90s!!!!!
The official reprint of the Blasphemous mag 1+2 issues, under licence from the original publisher: The Magus (Necromantia, Principality Of Hell, Thou Art Lord, ex-Rotting Christ).

Almost 160 pages featuring interviews with:
-Mortuary Drape
-Vital Remains
-Impaled Nazarene
-The Gathering
-Ancient Rites
-Edge of Sanity
-Obscure, Blood
-At The Gates
-Bolt Thrower
-Order from Chaos
-My Dying Bride...
-And tons of reviews, biographies, flyers and a special section on occult themes.

Besides of the many bands, the most important fact is that all these bands have been interviewed during the early 90s - the early days of all the mentioned bands above! This is real gold!!!

The price is a bit higher due to a more expensive import - nevertheless this is a damn important re-issue of the mighty Blasphemous Zine #1 + #2!!!

Published by: Fryktos

***Greece Import***

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