Children of Technology - Apocalyptic Compendium DLP (white vinyl) + Poster

Children of Technology - Apocalyptic Compendium DLP (white vinyl) + Poster

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The Masters of italian Speed Metal Punk are back for the attack!!!

As one of the leading forces of the international Metalpunk legions, C.O.T. finally released their "Apocalyptic Compendium" Compilation on double-vinyl in a special package!!! This Set contains a collection of previous demos, EPs and singles (in total 17 tracks!!!!!!!), all pressed on white double-vinyl, hosted in a 350g Cardboard Jacket in a plastic-bag with sticker on it + 4-page insert sheet and Poster!!! Limited to 500 copies... Total Support for the best Speed Metalpunk Horde!!!!!


01. Deathsquad Bombing in Downtown
02. Mayhemic Speed Anarchy
03. Computer World
04. Submit to Extinction
05. Postnuclear Quarantine 2011 A.D.
06. Chaosmutant Hordes
07. Rise of the Nightrider
08. On the Road Again
09. V8 Nitro Engine
10. Give Me Gasoline or Give Me Death
11. You Don’t Move Me (I Don’t Give a Fuck) (Bathory cover)
12. Children of Technology (Intro)
13. Postnuclear Quarantine
14. No Fuel, No Hope
15. The Road Warriors
16. Vultures Over Cities in Flames
17. Death's Fury 



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