Scream Bloody Metal Fanzine - #2

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Another killer Fanzine from Mexico which those of you, who are able to read spanish, should definitely check out!!!
"SCREAM BLOODY METAL" was written by true maniacs from the mexican metal underground, printed on 40 A4 pages in classic xeroxed style!

The second issue contains long and interesting interviews with:

-Crazy Lazy
-Cryptic Realms
-Argentum/Rex Defunctics
-Atomic Fear
-Bloodsoaked/Sol Negro
-Mutilador Zine (Juan Carolos Ruiz)
-Pagan Curse
-Eisen Dragon
-ArtGore (Alfonso Ruiz)
- and some selected reviews!!

Total Support!!! Keep print-zines alive and fukk the modern times!!!!

***Mexico Import***

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