Guerra Total/Metalucifer - Split CD

Guerra Total/Metalucifer - Split CD

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Split-CD between the japanese Heavy Metal Samurai "Metalucifer" and colombian Black Thrash Terrorists "Guerra Total"!

The CD contains re-recorded tracks of GUERRA TOTAL which were taken from the albums "Antichristian Zombie Hordes", "Nuklear Zombie Division" and "El Armageddon Continua", while Metalucifer contributes with japanese versions of their classic tracks such as "Warriors Ride on the Chariots", "Heavy Metal Samurai" etc... 5 tracks of each band!!!

Official-CD Version with the special Artwork done by Atolinga! Released under the sign of FORGOTTEN WISDOM PROD.!  (PISSING ON TRENDIES SINCE 1999!!!!)

***France Import***

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