Deadly Dark - Rotting in Grave CD

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Great compilation CD of the mexican Death/Thrash Master "Deadly Dark"!!!

The sinister sound and typical mid-tempo speed of DD bears the strong ancient spirit of mexican Metal, which still longs for a worthy challenger!!! The compilation contains all songs from the "Vade Retro Demo" (1990), "Slaughter Times" (1995), the track "Eternal Darkness" (unknown recording) and "Human Misery" (different Version, which was taken from the "Brutal Comp - The Ultimate Mexican Death Compilation Vol. 1" CD 1999)

This killer compilation leads one step closer to the history of the mexican Metal Underground and is highly recommended for all those, who are tired of listening or reading about the same old bands again and again... DEATH METAL is way more than just skandinavia!!! Hail the Latin Legions!!

Official CD-Release by Dark Recollections!

***Mexico Import***



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