Bestial Desecration Fanzine - "German Black Metal" Guide

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"BLOOD UPON THE FIELDS OF TRIUMPH - A guide through the german Black Metal Underground"

As the name already says, this special issue contains 54 Black Metal Hordes from the german Underground, who have sworn eternal loyalty to the traditions of ancient Black Steel and never knelt to any trends as so many other did and still do these days!!! The main focus lies on those, who unleashed traditional Black Metal Records in 2000-2018 and who once again got ignored by the major Metal-zines because of their resistance and defiance against modern circumstances and trends to keep the old spirit strong and pure!!!

All bands get introduced with a short-biography and photos. The final page contains a recommendation-list for records of all mentioned bands, which shouldn't be missed and are truely worthy to be checked out! ANTI-TREND and 666% PURE UNDERGROUND!!!!!!!

Professionally printed on 32 pages of heavy, glossy paper. (A5 size)
Limited to 300 copies.

No Hipster - No Trends!!!

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