Desaster - Hellfire's Dominion DLP (Gatefold)

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The absolute masterpiece of true power, Satanic Medieval Metal Magic!!!
"Hellfire's Dominion" marks in unholy union with "A Touch of Medieval Darkness" & "Tyrants of the Netherworld" the unholy trinity of of traditional teutonic Black Metal and also 3 of my alltime favorite albums of all time!!! The magic, which Desaster evoked during the early 90s till 2000 asounds upon the battlefield like the triumph of victory in the ban of satan's sorcery!

This album combines everything of the traditional Metal Sound and represents the perfect link between the Oldschool Heavy/Speed Metal Strength and ancient Black Metal Spirit in perfection!!!

Now after felt-like thousands of years, this gem of satanic Metal has finally been re-released on vinyl and even includes a second-LP as bonus, which contains a complete rehearsal of 1998!!! Furthermore the LPs are hosted in a Gatefold-cover with 4-page insert, which shows many rare killer pics of the band, flyers and stuff... pressed on black waxxx, only!

(The nice Layout for this Re-Issue was done by my loyal comrade "Stefan Löns" of Witchcraft Magazine, who did a fantastic job with little material... once you got the LP, you'll see how much dedication he put into this record! Respect to those, who truely deserve it!!! Don't forget to check out his great work at his publishing company: Schattenmann Publishings! The biggest Fanzine-Distributor in europe!!!)

I have only 3 copies in stock, so these copies are highly recommended for all those, who've sworn loyalty to the ancient spirit flames under the banners of the infernal kingdom!

...So Bang or be Banged!!!


PS: A big FUKK OFF to all these Metal Sluts of today who abused these mighty words on their slutty skin, inked with black semen!!! NO RESPECT - NO TOLERANCE!!! YOU'LL NEVER BE ONE OF US!!!

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