Ejecutor - Muerte... El Orgasmo de la Vida Tape

Ejecutor - Muerte... El Orgasmo de la Vida Tape

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Risen from the ancient crypts of chilean hell in 1999, the true Ejecutor has returned with a new full-length of merciless evil Metal!!! The sound and atmosphere of this record are unique and a true sign of Ejecutor! Eight new hymns have been written and carry on the black magic of their first full-length "Tiempo Profano - Tiempo Divino"! This is high-class Metal in the mystical vein of: Deathwards, Unaussprechlichen Kulten, Force of Darkness, Slaughtbbath, Invicible Force, Infernal Slaughter, Communion etc...

Limited to 200 hand-numbered copies with golden-ink on the covers!!!
Pro-done Tapes & Covers!

Official European-Tape Release by Destruktion Recs.!!! (found 4 very last copies!)


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