Bestiality - Endless Human Void Tape

Bestiality - Endless Human Void Tape

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Debut full-length by these sick polish Black/Thrash/Death Demons! A killer bastard of the savagery of Sarcófago, Bestial Warlust, early Marduk and the speed of old Destruction and Deströyer 666!!! The absolute outburst of satanic metal blasphemy! Extreme Metal in its purest and traditional form, everything else is for pussies!!!

Official Tape-Version by Destruktion Recs & Fukk Recs (Pol)!
Pro-done Tape & Cover, limited to 150 copies (hand-numbered)

Hail the bestial force of Destruction!
(Interview will follow in Bestial Desecration Zine #3!!!)


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