Buttfuck - The Underground Archives 1988-1993 Book

Buttfuck - The Underground Archives 1988-1993 Book

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Shitty name - even better content: BUTTFUCK!
These two issues were the only english written ones and remember, these interviews were done during '88-93!!! A time-travel back to the glorious days, honest and radical answers from metal legions, which were still die hard back then (unlike today!) Read and learn from the past... A must have for all fanzine-readers and true maniacs!!! One of the best books I've read for a long time for sure! (Just check out all these killer bands, which got interviewed...!)

This book contains both Buttfuck Issue #1+#2 on over 190 pages with killer promos and great interviews feat.:

-At the Gates
-Order from Chaos
-Impaled Nazarene
-Mortuary Drape
-Beyond Belief
-Nocturnal Rites
-Morta Skuld
-Infernal Majesty
-Righteous Pigs
-Death Courier
-God Dethroned
-My Dying Bride
-Ancient Rites
-The Black
-Metalion (Slayer Mag)
-Iconoclast and tons of many bands more!!!

As usual, this great book has been published by FRYKTOS, a great book/zine maniac and publisher and next to "Schattenmann Publishings", already one of my favorites, as these guys put a lot of dedication and details into their productions, without destroying the ancient magic!

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