Dolmen - On The Eve Of War LP (signed)

Dolmen - On The Eve Of War LP (signed)

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Proscriptor - Equitant - Shaftiel!

Dolmen prepared the path, which later on should be walked under the name "ABSU". Fierce dark Speed Metal with the typical killer hooks and rhythm-changes! This LP-Compilation contains the promo-tracks (1-4) of "On the Eve of War" + four rehearsal tracks from 1989!

This is the official "THE CRYPT"-release version (2017), pressed on black waxxx + Insert!!

(As I bought these copies directly from "Equitant", he was so kind to autograph all copies on their backside!, only 4 available!)

***Expensive US-Import***

(The price is a little higher due to the expensive import-costs!)


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