Cult of Eibon/Caedes Cruenta - 7" Split EP

Cult of Eibon/Caedes Cruenta - 7" Split EP

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The propably BEST ancient Black Metal Split of the 21st century!!!
Caedes Cruenta and Cult of Eibon are two of the best hellenic Black Metal acts of these days, following the traditional and mystical path of early Rotting Christ and Thou Art Lord, without being a cheap-copy!!! The great melodies and the fierce atmospherical aura which both bands deliever on this EP, are far away from all the lame-trendy fake "black metal" bullshit!!!

Experiments or developments within Black Metal are unnecessary and overrated! - carry on the ancient spirit in honour and respect and keep the old flame burning! This Split is highly recommended for all those, who kept their loyalty to the only thing that's real!!!

Pressed on black waxxx by Blood Harvest, comes incl. lyric-sheet!!!

***Sweden Import***


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