Evil Army/Mentally Defiled - Split LP

Evil Army/Mentally Defiled - Split LP

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Destruktion Records & Weird Face Prod. proudly present:


Two of the most powerful thrashing hordes of the Underground have joint forces, to keep the old legacy and union of the underground proud and strong! Evil Army delievers four classic tracks of raw-edged hateful Thrash! Mentally Defiled strenghtened this split with 3 tracks of high speed Thrash Metal, which carries all their traditional trademarks of Razor/Destruction-like, tight and straight attacks!!

Official LP-Release, pressed on black waxxx only! Limited to 100* copies, only! (hand-numbered)
Incl. Lyric-sheet!


*Due to some fukked-up actions by the delievery service, more than 30 copies got lost during the transportation, so there are actually only approx 70 copies around...

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