Night's Blood - Black Arts Tape

Night's Blood - Black Arts Tape

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Release-Date: End of March 2019!!!

Destruktion Recs. proudly presents: NIGHT'S BLOOD - Black Arts!!!

Ravaging, merciless Blackened Thrash Metal in the vein of Hellish Crossfire, Triumphant, Antichrist and Witching Hour! Night's Blood evoked the ancient forces of traditional Metal Darkness and unleashed one of the most extreme metal creations of the actual century! "Black Arts" proves the huge evolution and developement since their first two demo-tapes and unleashed twelve new hymns of intense, satanic metal blasphemy! Fierce, evil and straight into your whimped-out guts!!! 

Official Pro-done Tape Version, limited to 200 copies!
-Regular (150) Smokey-transparent Tapes with golden printed shells
-Die Hard (50) Blue-transparent Tapes with silver printed shells incl. Metal-Pin & 1" Badge (metallic)

All Tapes come with pro-printed Covers, which contain all the lyrics on a 12-page insert inside the cover (like a mini zine!) All hand-crafted and for true possessed souls of the ancient spirit, ONLY!!!


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