Tanator - Execution... Atrocity Death Tape

Tanator - Execution... Atrocity Death Tape

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One of the best russian Underground Metal Forces just released another beast of an EP under the title "Execution... Atrocity Death" and the title speaks for itself! The unique Blackened Thrash/Crust Bastard became a strong trademark of Tanators Reign and made them by far one of the best new extreme Metal hordes from east-europe! The new four blackened hymns will crush your fukkin neck and make your whimped out ears bleed... THIS is lethal aggression and true metal from the Underground!!! Also contains a very own SODOM cover of "Body Parts"!!! Another killer point is the variety within each song - this ain't no boring self-repeating lame shit, you are used to know these days... the true spirit of power and violence is guiding this horde!!!

Official Tape-Version by Reforestation Recs.

Supprt or Rot in your fukkin trend-soaked society of faggots and faceless clones!!!

***Russia Import***


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