Chronicles Fanzine - #2 (Norwegian Death Metal)

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The second issue of the CHRONICLES Fanzine from Norway is out now and contains some very detailed interviews with norwegian Death Metal bands, such as:

-Blood Red Throne
-... and several detailed and great Fanzine-reviews!

This is definitely an outstanding fanzine, as the content, layout and especially interview-questions are more detailed and far away from boring standard-questions - literally everything within this zine was done carefully and well detailed, this ain't no "fastfood fanzine" shit!!! Truely one of a kind, which is fukkin full with killer information to the last page!!! Completely written in english, printed on 46 pro-done A4-pages!!! Fukk the major "Music Zines" and support real Fanzines! Metal for Maniacs!!!

***Norway Import***

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