TIR - Nell'Anima Tape + Patch

TIR - Nell'Anima Tape + Patch

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One of italys most well-hidden secret Heavy Metal Forces just returned with a new Demo called "Nell'Anima"! Originally recorded in 2008 already, this hidden gem has finally unleashed almost 10 years later (I have no damn idea why)... nevertheless, this Demo builds up the perfect bridge to their first Demo "T.I.R."!!! The sound, the aura, the power... they are all the same! Three new tracks of Heavy Metal Magic, which combine the perfect melodies and power of TIR in their own unique way and yes, it's incredible that this Demo has been released these days... sounds and feels like the golden age of Heavy Metal has never left... and so it is within the soul of TIR, as the true spirit always carries on within the hearts of loyal men! Keeping it true since 1980!!!

Pro-done Tape, released by the very own HMC "Metal Resistance" with a nice layout!!!
All Tapes incl. woven patch! Limited Edition!!!!

*Highly recommended*

***Italy Import***

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