Nachzehrer Fanzine - #1 (Incl. Poster & CD)

Nachzehrer Fanzine - #1 (Incl. Poster & CD)

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Destruktion Records proudly presents the very first issue of "Nachzehrer Fanzine".

DIY-Fanzine (completely handcrafted), focusing on Black Metal/Extreme Metal, only!!! Influenced by traditional oldschool fanzines, this zine has a more simple but classic layout-style as well and got printed in b/w, only.

Written in german (50 copies)!!! (An english-version will follow very soon...)

The first issue contains 32 pages, feat. 5 interviews with:

-Absu (Equitant)
-Wolfera the Jackal
-Temple ov Perversion
-Ash Nazg Burz

Other contents:
-5 Biographies of new Black Metal Hordes from the Underground
-Selected Reviews (only 6!)
-A bonus-zine (8 Pages) feat. rare/unpublished Promo-Photos of ABSU from Equitants archives (full coloured!)

Also incl. a CD-Compilation with 11 tracks of "Dark Ritual Recs./Destruktion Recs./Werewolf Recs./Iron Bonehead Prod." (feat. an unreleased track of the upcoming Album of "Reign in Blood" and EP of "Nightwalker") + 2 Posters (Nebiros/Törr - both full coloured)

Support the true fanzine madness and fukk the modern times and internet gossip-mongers!!!!!!!!!! Never Surrender!!!

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