Grim Monolith - Intempesta Nox Tape

Grim Monolith - Intempesta Nox Tape

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Oldschool Black Metal from Italy in the vein of early Darkthrone, Satyricon, etc... this was actually the band of Bunker 66 Drummer "Dee Dee Altar", before the formation of Bunker 66!!! After a long conversation with him, I can truely tell you, that Grim Monolith is definitely NOT one of these "let's try"-bands... Grim Monolith was formed by dedicated real maniacs who still follow the old path to this day and this dedication and aura reflects within their music!!!

INTEMPESTA NOX was the last album of this band, before they went on hold and marks also by far their absolutely best masterpiece!!! 11 Hymns of traditional Black Metal, with a strong atmospherical magic, which can't be described in words! Highly recommended!!!

Official Tape-Release!

***Italy Import***


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