Terozin Fanzine - #6

Terozin Fanzine - #6

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Pure Underground Metal Fanzine!!!!!!!!!
The 6(66) issue of the mighty Terozin is finally out now and as usual, the content doesn't disappoint!!!
Besides of the killer layout, which is oldschool as fukk, the most important, the interviews, were very well done!!! Detailed and literally in-depth, you'll get stormed with killer information and stories, which you'd never ever find online or somewhere else!!! Also I'd like to mention, that the interviews focus on music and the bands only (which is perfect!!) and not on any philosophical, pseudo-intelligent cosmic bullshit!!! War rages on!!!

Interviews were done with:
-Deathly Scytche
-Forbidden Temple
-Expulsed Angel
-Morbid Perversion
-Old Crucifix
-Perverted Ceremony
-Infernalis Irae
-Also contains many well detailed reviews of records and fanzines +special (non-metal) article called "The Terror", a tribute to "John Franklin" (pretty interesting! Reminds a bit on the mixture of "SinIsThere Zine", cool!)

Total Support for this killer Zine!!! When you'll see it, you'll feel it!!!!!!!!!!

***Bulgaria Import***

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