Mortify - Abyssal/The Calm Beyond CD

Mortify - Abyssal/The Calm Beyond CD

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Killer Death Metal from the legions of poland with strong thrash metal influences, raids the earth like a mix of Protector (SHEDDING OF SKIN-ERA; check out these riffs and drum attacks!!) and (early) DEICIDE!!!!!!!!! Mortifiy attacks merciless, straight and precise - taking no prisoners, "Abyssal" rages through 7 hymns of thrashing DEATH METAL! It's a fukkin shame that this band never received its deserved attention and respect within the scene!

Originally released in 1996(!!!!!!!!), this masterpiece finally got re-released on CD by Thrashing Madness Prod. and also contains the first demo "The Calm Beyond" as bonus and tons of rare pics, all printed in a noble booklet with traditional oldschool layout!!! A fukkin must-have and totally recommended for all true headbangers and deathrashing maniacs of the old faith and spirit!!!

***Poland Import***


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