Nocturnal Witch - A Thousand Pyres CD

Nocturnal Witch - A Thousand Pyres CD

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The ultimate masterpiece of the german Black/Thrash Necromancer "NOCTURNAL WITCH"!!!
"A Thousand Pyres" represents the strength and iron will of this killer band and although honestly I've never been a really big fan of them before, this album just left me breathless by its excellent songwriting and sound! The songs build up quickly into a rushing storm of absolute power, partly containing surprising parts of glorious lead-guitar attacks, which made Nocturnal Witch truely one of the few brave ones, who remained loyal to their own sound under the flag of true Blackened Thrash Metal Tyranny through all the years and never changed for anything or anyone!!!

Official CD-Version by Evil Spell Recs.!

Highly recommended for fans of Deströyer 666, OLD, Desaster, Zaghan, Invincible Force, Cruel Force etc...


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