Slowly We Rot Fanzine - #8 + CD

Slowly We Rot Fanzine - #8 + CD

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One of the longest-lasting and truely die hard fanzines from the heart of transylvania, romania!!!

Contains tons of long interviews on 64 fukkin A4-pages , this time with:

-Morbid Slaughter(!!!!!!!!!!!!)
-Dead Congregation
-Under the Church
-Pensees Nocturnes
-And many more interviews!
-Reviews for many records and fanzines!!

Comes as usual with a free Compilation-CD!!!!
This issue and zine truely knows to surprise, great band choice (apart from one poser fagg band!) and nice interviews, totally worshipping the true Slowly We Rot Zine!!!

Support true printed fanzines, especially this die-hard zine, which refused to die!!!!

***Romania Import***

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