Slowly We Rot Fanzine - #7 + CD

Slowly We Rot Fanzine - #7 + CD

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One of the longest-lasting and truely die hard fanzines from the heart of transylvania, romania!!!

One of the earlier issues here, no 7!! True Underground Fanzine Madness till death, the feeling and way of production reminds me a lot on the good ol' NECROMANIAC zine, support! Same Spirit here!

Contains killer interviews with:

-Overkill (Rat Skates!!!)
-shape of Despair
-and many more interviews and tons of reviews!

Also this issue contains a free Compilation-CD! Support the true Slowly We Rot Fanzine, just by looking at it, you can literally feel the true spirit and dedication of its editor! Fukk your mainstream rock press crap... this is the real force of the metallic legions from beyond!!!

***Romania Import***

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Versandgewicht: 350 g
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