Spawn of Flesh Fanzine - #1

Spawn of Flesh Fanzine - #1

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"This zine is against youtubers, against christians, against trends and modern shit, against political views and also against modern plastic metal!!!"

These are introducing words of the bloody "SPAWN OF FLESH" Zine and by that, you directly know what to expect: REAL DEATH METAL MADNESS! Written by John Grim (Owner of Spawn of Flesh Recs. and member of Ectoplasma and Vultur) you can be sure, that this ain't no other boring zine by another major-editor, hell no! This one comes straight from the rotten heart of a true Death Metal Maniac, done by dedication and hatred!!!

This is the first issue of this new zine, but you can directly feel and see, where this is going to! Taking no prisoners, S.O.F. Zine delievered a killer debut-issue with some very nice and long interviews with:

-Embrace of Thorns
-Church of Disgust
-Sarcastic Terror
-Cemetery Filth
-Raul Sampedro (Memento Mori Recs)
- also contains many reviews and a special-article about "MONSTROSITY"!!!

***Greece Import***

Total Support for the Spawn of Flesh Zine!!!! Keep on raging and support printed fanzines - and stop accept compromises!!! THIS is the real deal and the only way, to do it right! Fukk your webzine crap!!!

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