Masacre - Sangre en mi Tierra/Muerte Total CD

Masacre - Sangre en mi Tierra/Muerte Total CD

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Fukkin killer Live-Record of colombias strongest Death Metal Legion! No more introductional words needed!
Recorded in 2004, Live in Argentina! Although I'm not a big fan of Live-Records, this one literally contains something magical, which might be caused by the simple fact, that MASACRE is not one of the typical boring but rather truely unique and dark Death Metal bands, whose history is written and drenched in blood!

The audio-quality also isn't this typical 200% overproduced super shit... Ezequiel Molina made a nice master-job here and kept things as natural as possible with the result, that you feel and hear the show in a way more intense way (and yes, this is NOT the shitty cellphone-sound... the quality is amazing but still feels REAL)! And let's be honest... if you buy a Live-Record, you want it to sound like a Live-Record instead of some studio-shit again, no?!


Official CD-Release by Rulo Supay Recs/RPM Heavy Metal Producciones/Total Noise Recs.

Support the true MASACRE!!!

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