Erzebet - Por Siempre Necrolust CD

Erzebet - Por Siempre Necrolust CD

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Another personal all-time favorite: the legendary ERZEBET Demo "Por Siempre Necrolust"!!!
The rawest form of traditional South American Black Metal! The magic behind this record is undescribable! Released in 1997, this Demo got finally re-released on CD and includes the bonus track "Vida Eterna". Those, who know the history of the early days of colombian Black Metal, will understand the meaning of each moment on this record... and purely talking from the musical aspect: This is real Black Metal in the old vein, the only tradition! Fukk your modern, soulless bullshit!!!

Official CD-Version by Necrolust Recs.!

***Colombia Import***


Yes, the CD-price is higher than my usual CD-sale prices here... there are 2 reasons for that:

01. Expensive wholesale-price & import-costs
02. I don't want to sell this CD to "just anyone" for quick money... this is no "mass-production" bullshit without value!!! For the chosen ones, only who do not search for "cheapos" - but rather understand the real power behind a record and who hail them till death!

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Versandgewicht: 100 g
Versandgewicht: 100 g
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