Erzebet/Oscuridad - Evil Hordes... Split CD

Erzebet/Oscuridad - Evil Hordes... Split CD

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The true ERZEBET & OSCURIDAD have gathered for this unique conspiracy of Southern Black Magic Spells!!!

Five (Oscuridad)/ Six (Erzebet) new hymns have been written and recorded for this killer split-CD and it's almost unbelievable that it was done in 2012! The spirit, the atmosphere, the power and majesty of the past... Both hordes represent the true strength of conviction, as the once chosen path has never been left!

Official CD-Release by NECROLUST RECS.

***Colombia Import***

Yes, the CD-price is higher than my usual CD-sale prices here... there are 2 reasons for that:

01. Expensive wholesale-price & import-costs
02. I don't want to sell this CD to "just anyone" for quick money... this is no "mass-production" bullshit without value!!! For the chosen ones, only who do not search for "cheapos" - but rather understand the real power behind a record and who hail them till death!

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