Legion of Torture Fanzine - #4

Legion of Torture Fanzine - #4

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Legion of Torture presents the fourth issue and shows all the whimps and trendies, how to do it right!!!
A truely dedicated Underground Fanzine, hailing from the peruvian territory!

The pacts have been sealed and I've been granted the licence to print 20 copies for the european continent!!!

This issue contains interviews with:
-Black Magic Mountain Goat
-Corpse Grinder
-Infernal Execrator
-Nocturnal Vomit
-Rito Profanatorio
-"Peruvian Death Metal Special Section": Disinter, Mortuorio, Repugnancia & Ritual!

The zine contains no reviews, but therefore even longer and interesting interviews! This "german special edition" contains +2 bonus pages with "Deathinvoker" biography!

There were some fukktards complaining about his "not so perfect english", but who the fukk are they to complain about such things, when it's a damn Metal Fanzine? I've read it, I understood everything and most important: It's about the message of the content itself! There's no doubt that editor Juan Carlos truely dedicated his entire life to the ancient metal cult... Support or Die in Pain!!!

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