Black Montanus Of Thy Septentrio Zine (Book)

Black Montanus Of Thy Septentrio Zine (Book)

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The legendary Metal zine (two issues) of Lord Equitant and Sir Proscriptor (Absu) has finally been re-published as noble book(!) by Schattenmann Publishings and damn that's one hell of a re-edition!!! All pages got restored in best quality, printed perfectly on glossy pages and the most important, the content, is simply undescribable!!! Thne zine is filled with many great, old (but more short, well it was done like this back then via letters, so it's alright and nevertheless still interesting, as they as they contain nice details and info, you won't find anywhere else) interviews with:

-Rotting Christ
-Impaled Nazarene
-Chris Moyen
-Ancient Rites
-Mortuary Drape
-Dark Throne
-Divine Eve
-and also contains tons of old adverts/promo-flyers, old promo-photos, letters,...

The aura that surrounds this zine/book is simply magical... The way it was done, the way it was written, pure magic!!! A fukkin essential for all worshippers of the glorious past! I have only 6 copies in stock, so rather be quick and grab one of them!!!

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