Axe Battler - The Wrath of my Steel CD

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The ultimate and best traditional Heavy Metal band of nowadays chilean Underground!!! Highly influenced by the sound of the NWoBHM, the mighty Axe Battler set a mighty cenotaph for the true Heavy Metal before everything became the new "trend", before (suddenly) all the bands got interested in the traditional form of Metal again... Axe Battler were there already!!! To this day, this EP and Band still NEVER RECEIVED ITS DESERVED RESPECT AND SUPPORT!!! Fukk off all plastic-sounding fake "Power/Heavy Metal"-Bands with their even more horrible effect-overkills... FEEL THE WRATH OF THY STEEL!!!!

(Some poser idiots complained about the "not perfectly" done vocals... but it's exactly this (you may call it) "imperfection", which gave life into these songs, as these guys wrote, played and live their songs 200% by dedication and spirit... same as most NWoBHM bands! I still get fukkin tears in my eyes while listening to this outstanding EP these days and none of any newer Heavy Metal band made go wild again like the true Axe Battler!!! Fukk your technical-perfection fetishism and "echo-effect overkills"... this is Heavy Metal, forged by true Maniacs with dedication and honour - not any plastic music-student shit band, fukk you all eternally!!! We are the Killers of the Night!!!)

Finally this masterpiece got re-released as noble CD-Version now by Dying Victims Prod. and comes in a cardboard-sleeve incl. Sticker!


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