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The true Argentum!!!
Mystical Black/Doom from the depths of the mexican Underground! Argentum are one of the most strongest and legendary ancient Metal Hordes of the aztec kingdom, well known for their unique atmospheric sound of melancholy, darkness and death! This CD contains a compilation of their earlier works (such as the famous Demos and EPs) as re-recorded versions, without losing their original mystical force! Although the songs on this CD are not directly connected to each other (it's a compilation, ok), the complete works in total are freezing through your blood and take you on long journey through your mind, facing the depths of madness and insane nightmares!!! Truely one of a kind and highly recommended!!!

There were some fights between former Band-Members regarding the name "Argentum" and as a result of such, several releases got "branded" as bootleg by those, who are considered as "The True Argentum" now. THIS CD is 666% one of the original and approved CD-Releases (released 2018) by the official True Argentum. Directly ordered from Master Maelstrom "Bokor Diaboli" (Founding-Member and Leader of the Band)!!!

Official DIGIPACK-CD-Version by Chopito Recs.


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