Nachzehrer Fanzine - #2

Nachzehrer Fanzine - #2

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Destruktion Recs. proudly presents: The second issue of Nachzehrer Fanzine!! (GERMAN WRITTEN!)

Underground Black Metal Fanzine, traditional xeroxed style incl. pro-printed "Gorgoroth/Grabunhold" Poster!!!
Besides of some ads and biographies for support-worthy hordes and labels of the true Black Metal Legions, this issue contains interviews with:

-Reign in Blood (Ger)
-Surrender of Divinity (Tha)
-Grim Monolith (Ita)
-Argentum (Mex)
-...also a very few selected reviews!

This zine was made and printed completely independent, without any "financial support" by anyone! All ads and biographies were written and made by myself (for free!), to support the loyal ones, who kept the flames of ancient tradition and wisdom burning strong!!! Support the true Underground Legions and keep the old spirit alive!

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