R'lyeh - Ritual of Darkness CD

R'lyeh - Ritual of Darkness CD

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The wait is over... R'Lyeh has finally returned with a new album!!!
One of mexicos best Death Metal bands just released their second full-length and the long time of wait was absolutely worth it! The obscure and dark sound of R'Lyeh hasn't changed at all and continues perfectly the old path and style of "...In the Infernal Moment"!!! No trendy "swedish-death metal copycat", no "sunlight studio sound"! Unique and evil Death Metal Darkness!!!!!!! For those who worshipped the early works of R'Lyeh, I recommend to grab a copy of this killer album, before they're gone... this album is stronger and more fierce than the debut!! Support!

Official CD-Version by Dark Recollections Prod.
(Tape-Version will follow soon through Destruktion Recs.)

***Mexico Import***


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