Macabro Genocidio/Morbosatan - Split LP


Macabro Genocidio/Morbosatan - Split LP

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Two lethal Black/Death beasts from europe and south america have united for this evil bastard of a split, delievering the absolute storm of black hatred in its purest form! Six unholy hymns of Macabro Genocidio VS 4 tracks of the peruvian Morbosatan!!!! Fukk your trendy shit - Obey the true force of the Underground, hail the true tyrants of brutality! This is the true essence of REAL underground metal! No whimpy trend whimps... they've come to conquer and devastate!!!!

Limited to 500 copies, black waxxx eternally!

LP-Release by F.O.A.D. Recs.

***Italy Import***


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