Oldschool Metal Maniac - #17 (English Special Issue)

Oldschool Metal Maniac - #17 (English Special Issue)

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The true flame of the underground shall never surrender!!! The one and only OLDSCHOOL METAL MANIAC from Poland has finally published a new english-issue again, besides of the killer layout as usual, also the chosen bands were perfectly selected (except for Behemoth, bah!), this issue contains interviews with:

-Nocturnus A.D.
-Flotsam and Jetsam
-Running Wild
-Cultes Des Ghoules
-Mortal Sin
-Haunted Cenotaph
- and more... + Reviews & Gig-Reports of Watain, Iron Maiden & Vomitor/Slaughter Messiah!!!

Although many people refused to support this outstanding and unique Metal Magazine due its high importcosts back then (which almost killed the english-versions of OSMM!), it's your chance NOW to show some support, as the zines are available now for a way cheaper price here! No Excuses - No Regrets!!! Buy or Die! Support the true printed fanzine madness and keep the old flame burning proud! Practice what you preach and fukk the modern times!!!

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