Avzhia - Immense Dark Sky CD (Special Edition)

Avzhia - Immense Dark Sky CD (Special Edition)

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The mighty Avzhia!!!
The legacy of Avzhia goes back to 1992, when Demogorgon has risen from the abyss to unleash the mighty beast of Avzhia! The nordic sound of medieval darkness will hit you like a freezing storm of a thousand swords!!! Highly recommended for fans of early Emperor, Godkiller, Graveland, Moonblood & Mayhem!

"Immense Dark Sky" was the very first demo (originally released in 1993, later re-released by Bellphegot Recs in 1995), now officially and for the first time on CD, limited to 1000 hand-numbered copies, only! Comes in  special black-case with silver-print!!!

***Mexico Import***


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