Avzhia - In My Domains CD

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The very best album of the mighty Avzhia "In my Domains" (2010) will take you straight back to the glorious times of the early 90s!!! Eight majestic hymns of traditional medieval black art! Avzhia never left the frozen path that once've been chosen, remaining loyal to their beliefs even after 18 years! "In my Domains" is truely a masterpiece of traditional black metal, a magnificent creation by true conviction and possession for the black art! The sound and songs on this album are simply magical and got an even stronger atmospherical touch this time, highly recommended for fans of the early days of traditional black metal such as Graveland, Emperor, Rotting Christ, Nastrond, Mayhem, Setherial etc...

Official CD-Version (Digipack) by Black Saw Recs.!

***Mexico Import***


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