Bestial Holocaust - Final Exterminacion Tape

Bestial Holocaust - Final Exterminacion Tape

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Truely, this band is a fukkin BESTIAL HOLOCAUST, as the fleshripping storm of hateful south american madness will fukk your mangina harder than anything else!!! Led by the true Sonia Sepulchral, this legion led the way and demonstrated proudly how real metal was done! (Fukk off nowadays "Metal Bitches and Divas"!!!)

Support or just fukk off! Bestial Holocaust IS THE ESSENCE AND SPIRIT of the old south american underground spirit!!! And "Final Exterminacion" will remain one of my personal alltime favorites of this absolutely outstanding beast of a band! Eight blackened thrash metal hymns for your death! I await the return...

Official Tape-Version by Rawblackult!!!

***Bolivia Import***


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