Illum Adora - ...of Serpentine Forces Tape

Illum Adora - ...of Serpentine Forces Tape

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The first full-length of the mighty Illum Adora has finally been unleashed! Containing nine sinister hymns of medieval, dark, traditional Black Metal in the vein of early Graveland, Desaster & Moonblood, "...of Serpentine Forces" became one of the strongest traditional Black Metal albums of the past ten years!!! ...Fear the clashing of a thousand swords! Official Tape-Release by DESTRUKTION RECs.

Available as Die Hard-/Regular-Edition (both limited to 100 copies, only)!

-A5 Digipack with Tape
-Metal Pendant
-Lim. to 100 copies (hand-numbered)

-Classic Tape-Version w/ Cover containing all lyrics
-Lim. to 100 copies (hand-numbered)

All Tapes & DVDs were professionally recorded, all the rest (Covers, A5-Digipacks, Booklets, Tape-Labels etc) were hand-crafted!!!


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