Zaghan/Armagh - Consagración a la Serpiente Arcana Split-Tape

Zaghan/Armagh - Consagración a la Serpiente Arcana Split-Tape

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Zaghan & Armagh have joined forces for this unique split-tape, which contains four hymns of true satanic steel, to herald the arrival of a new decade of absolute power and madness!!! Hailing the old Spirit of the Underground, these two bestial hordes return the old feeling of the early 2000s, when the Underground was stronger and more radical! Taking no prisoners, the fast burning attacks of Zaghan and the freezing death-chants of Armagh have unleashed the ultimate power of darkness and deserve eternal support! Total Anti-Trend, marching proud upon the infernal paths of the glorious past towards a new reign of satanic steel!

Official Tape-Edition by Destruktion Records!

Comes in a special O-Card Sleeve (hand-numbered and limited to 100 copies, only!) incl. A5 Insert-sheet!


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