Old Coffin Fanzine - #1

Old Coffin Fanzine - #1

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Here it is, the long awaited first issue of OLD COFFIN FANZINE from Spain! First at all let me warn you, the editor Isaac is truely dedicated die-hard maniac and so is the content of this killer zine:

-Cult of Eibon
-Funeral Chant
-Into Coffin
-Deus Mortem
-Blood Tyrant/Old Tower
-Dreadful Relic
-Witchcraft/Necromonarchia Daemonum

Furthermore this issue contains special articles about occult Black & Death Metal hordes from the past & Reviews! The interviews and articles were written in a very honest and interesting way, so I highly recommend to get your filthy hands on a copy, before they're gone! Total Support till Death!!!!

***Spain Import***

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