Fatal Underground Fanzine - #52

Fatal Underground Fanzine - #52

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FATAL UNDERGROUND, one of the longest lasting Fanzines of the fukkin underground published the 52nd issue!!!!!! And the fires rages on... no sings of tiredness! Support this crazy motherfukker and spend your cash into real fanzines like this one, as it was written for you and not for your cash!!! (unlike all major-zines, who are 3 times more expensive and only scratch the surface in their interviews AND only interview shit bands, fact!)

This fat issue contains interviews with:

-Schattenmanns Distro (Stefan fukkin Löns, hail!)
-Into Coffin
-Dan Swanö
-Mournful Winter
-Arkham Circle
-and many more... also tons of special articles, Underground and Live-Reports, label and distro promos etc.!


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