By This Axe I Rule Fanzine - #5

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The fifth assault of this barbarian metal fanzine from germany! "No mystical superstitous shit, no candles, no fucking triangles ans no hoodies!" - This description should be enough to understand, that B.T.A.I.R.-zine definitely stands 100% against all trendy shit!!! On more than 100 pages, you'll find great interviews with:

-Planar Deformation
-Spiritus Mortis
-Khthoniik Cerviiks
-Act of Impalement
-Dead Congregation
-Ascended/Krypts/Stench of Decay
-Come to Grief
-Druid Lord
-Embalmed Souls
-also a special article about the dutch "Death/Doom-scene", Reviews and more killer stuff!!

Total support for this killer Fanzine! This is real Underground Propaganda!!!

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