Macabre Overdose Fanzine - #2

Macabre Overdose Fanzine - #2

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The second issue of this killer extreme metal fanzine from finland!!! Oldschool till death, Macabre Overdose hails and delievers the old, evil spirit of the true underground forces by keeping its content focused on REAL metal only! No Trend-shit and everything printed in A4 on 72 black/white pages!!!

Interviews were done with:
-Holy Death
-Burning Winds
-Black Witchery
-Dreadful Relic
-Ritual Suicide
-Goat Semen
-Necromantical Screams
-Black Prophecies and many more!!!

Just by seeing all the killer bands featured in this issue, I almost died a fukkin heartattack!!! TOTAL SUPPORT TILL DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!

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