Scatology Fanzine - #1

Scatology Fanzine - #1

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The first issue of this Underground Metal zine from Spain!!!! (all english written)

Besides of the great A4-size, this "book like" zine contains tons of interesting interviews with bands, which the majority somehow lost contact with or may (still) don't even know arghh...

-Armoured Angel
-Chaos Echoes
-Dead Congregation
-Nuclear Death
-Order from Chaos
-Sami Albert Hynninen
-The Hard Dawn of Gore Cinema (special article)

The layout of the zine was held more "strict and simple", which isn't meant in any bad form! Another one of the new zines, which came up with its own style of language and layout! SUPPORT!!!!!!! ...and fukk off fake "major metal mags"!!! ...TO HELL!!!

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