Forest of Doom - Ancient Woods of Darkness Tape

Forest of Doom - Ancient Woods of Darkness Tape

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Traditional Black Metal Horde from the mexican Underground Legions, formed by Ereshkigal-members who follow a more northern-atmospheric Black Metal sound in comparison to their main force Ereshkigal! As usual, Lord Marganor and his legion have created a perfect bastard of traditional raw but still atmospheric black metal with ancient melodies, without getting lost in endless repetitions of one and the same riff (No Darkthrone Clone here!!!) ! In contrary to most newer "Black Metal" (shit-) Band of the past-2000 generation, Forest of Doom should be known as one of the few radical and real Black Metal Bands of the Underground, who live by the old spirit and deny all kinds of trendy and fashionable, compromise-accepting, family-friendly fukk!!! "Ancient Woods of Darkness" marks the first sign of life and their debut-album at the same time, a strong creation of cold, ancient Black Metal the traditional way!

Highly recommended for fans of Ereshkigal, Nihil Nocturne, Nordisches Blut, Helvete, etc...

Official Tape-Release by Destruktion Recs.! Limited to 100 hand-numbered copies, only!
First few copies incl. the third part of the "In Divine Embrace of the Dying Light" Compilation-Tape!!!

Keep the old spirit alive - burn the false ones within our black flames of hatred!!!


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