Deströyer 666 - Terror Abraxas LP

Deströyer 666 - Terror Abraxas LP

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Iron Pegasus Recs. finally re-released Deströyer 666s killer EP 'Terror Abraxas' on 12" vinyl again! This time with a silkscreen printed B-Side (white on black or blue on black vinyl). The 'Terror Abraxas' EP is an essential part of the black/thrashing-satanic speed metal underground and shouldn't be missed by anyone! Although all following records were great as well, T.A. was (in my opinion) the last release of Deströyer 666, which still carried the savage and proud spirit of their very early days! An evil, fierce, true satanic blackened thrash metal terrorstorm with a strong epic and glorious aura of pride and honor!

Limited Edition with silkscreen printed B-Side on 12" Vinyl + Insert-sheet!!!
Official Release by IRON PEGASUS RECs.


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