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Alongside with Explosicum and Ancestor, Rupture marks the third of the unholy thrashing trinity from china and also the most aggressive one. Although I'm kind of critical towards the chinese-metal scene these days after the latest happenings/evolution within their (still young) scene and several things about the "truth" by several real die hards from china, be sure that Rupture is definitely the one who strikes honestly and merciless! Not for a trend-move, not for money(!), just for the passion and aggression which comes along with it! Founded by 'Schtarch' as a solo-project (which now evolved to a "real band" now) 'Death to Peace' was the first official release which was completely written and recorded by himself! The tight riffs and great songwriting are definitely outstanding and makes this EP a real killer debut of brutal death-thrashing devastation!

Official CD-Release by Terror Execution Prod.!

***China Import***


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